Private price list

As well as the NHS options at New Street Dental Practice, patients can also opt to have private treatment on a fee per item basis.

Treatment Price
Adult exam £51
Child exam £30
New adult consultation fee £85 including small x-rays
X-ray small £12
OPG £50
Hygienist scale and polish £50
Air flow hygienst appointment £75
Stand by hygienist appointment £30
Direct access hygiene £75
Teeth whitening £255.50
Extra teeth whitening cartridges £50 for two tubes
Sedation £205
Amalgam fillings From £87
Composite fillings From £97
Root canal treatment Price
Incisor £250
Canine £250
Pre-molar £300
Molar £380
Extractions Price
Routine £85
Surgical £150
Crowns Price
Porcelain £410
Non-precious metal £310
Gold £700
Premium white zirconium non-metal £520
Post and core £51
Inlays Price
Composite £310
Gold £330
Porcelain £360
Onlays Price
Composite £360
Gold £380
Porcelain £410
Mouthguards Price
Mouthguards Start at £95
Orthodontic retainer £105
Invisalign invisable braces £1,895
Night guard £125
Veneers Price
Veneers Start at £410
Bridge Price
Bridge Start at £515
Dentures Price
Acrylic dentures Start at £620
Metal base chrome denture Start at £971
Flexible dentures Start at £770
Repairs Start at £105
Additional tooth £80
Reline Start at £130
Other costs Price
Emergency out of hours fee (not including treatment) £130

This is intended as a guide. Fees are dependent upon the time taken, the complexity of the treatment and the cost of the materials/laboratory work.

We will give a written estimate to all patients before starting any treatment.

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"I have been a patient of Dr Kurichan’s for 5 years and have always found him to be professional and friendly with an excellent chair side manner. All of the staff at New Street are welcoming with a cheerful disposition which is brilliant for a nervous patient such as myself."

"I have always found New Street to be very accommodating and welcoming. My little boy and I share an appointment which is brilliant as it allows for acclimatisation from a young age."

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